What clients are saying about Maren Beckman:

“Please know that all of your work with me has made a difference! I have a great life. I am happy and healthy with no anxiety, little fear and immense motivation to find a job that pays me what I want and deserve. I tell people about you and life coaching whenever I get the chance. I appreciate all of the time, effort, patience and insight that you have given me.”
– PB

“I don’t know how to tell you strongly enough what your support has meant to me. You are truly unique in your ability to handle emotional wrecks like me. Thanks for helping me get through my day. Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!”
– NF

“Maren, I appreciate working with you. Because of the coaching when I went through the family program for my alcoholic husband, I already had clarity and order about what was his stuff and what was mine. Maren, you asked me some really hard questions. And I had to answer them. From your questions, I got the clarity and order. I can’t say how much peace of mind that gave me…a lot.”

“At first I wondered what I was getting [in coaching]. It was so intangible. I couldn’t feel it in my hand, so I didn’t really know how much I was getting. It took a while after the coaching ended to really know how much I got out of it. Now it just comes out of me when I need it. I look back and go ‘Oh, I got that, too.’ I am so glad I met you and that I did this for myself. You are amazing. My [marital] relationship is very good now.”
– EB

“I want to thank you for your part in making an unpleasant situation as smooth as it could possibly be. Thank you for giving us skills to communicate with each other while going through this difficult time.”
– SB

“There is a quote in Eat, Pray, Love that goes, ‘When you are standing in the forest of sorrow, you cannot imagine you could ever find your way to a better place, but if someone can assure you that they themselves have stood in that same place, maybe there is hope.’  When I read this, I knew that you are the one, Maren. You give me hope because you assure me that you yourself have stood in this same place. I have the hope that someday I will do the same.”
– KG

“Maren Beckman has proved to be a valuable coach in helping me define what I want out of life and how I can achieve it. She teaches more than problem-solving and coping strategies. She has helped me step into the driver’s seat, and I’m finding my life’s journey a lot more interesting and fulfilling.”
– KE

“Here are some of the qualities that I see you possessing, Maren. Did I mention wild-ass creativity, trust, commitment, the ability to work hard, connection to spirit, courage, playfulness, humor and a can-do attitude! In addition to these, you have a huge tool kit full of communication and relational skills that you now bring to every human and organizational interaction. You have so much to be proud of!”
– AM

“I felt so good yesterday during mediation. I wondered how I could be going through all this and still be feeling so good.  How coaching has made a difference is hard to put to words. I try to tell people what coaching is like. I’ve had counseling and learned a lot of things. This is different. [Coaching] is phenomenal. I feel exuberance. When things are so bad for a long time, you don’t know until some of it is lifted, just how bad things were. I am finding ME. I don’t have to live through my kids…I can live for me. I am joyous and happy. I am getting rid of the garbage that isn’t me and I am finding me!”
–  RS

“It was 3:30 a.m., and I couldn’t sleep. I felt as though I had no place in the world. I was in the middle of a divorce, my business was failing, and I’d just missed a house payment—not to mention all the other bills that just kept piling up…

“My thoughts churned. My stomach burned with anxiety. Was I going to lose the house? How would I pay my bills? I’m diabetic. How could I get health insurance? Would I even find a job at my age given all the competition? I was overwhelmed with all the details. Finding a job. Formalizing the divorce. Getting approved for an apartment just in case I needed to go bankrupt.

“I was lonely, scared, and I desperately needed to talk with someone. But, who can you call in the middle of the night?  Then, I remembered that I could call Maren Beckman the next day. And, I remembered how she says ‘a new beginning is always possible.’ That’s exactly what I needed: a new beginning. Only, I didn’t know how to move forward. I was feeling pretty paralyzed. So, I sent her an e-mail, asking her if she could meet with me the next day. I can’t even begin to express my relief when she e-mailed back at 7:30 a.m. the following day and said, ‘Of course.’

Maren has helped me put things into perspective, work through my fear, embarrassment, and anxiety, and I am making a new beginning. I start the job of my dreams next week, my divorce is moving along, I won’t lose my house, now, and I have a plan. Thank you, Maren. You have made such a difference in my life.”
– KE