One to One Coaching Options

Life on Fire program is an in-depth and comprehensive eight-month program geared for the individual desiring a life of more meaning and contentment. Coach designs customized strategies to meet goals as the client navigates transitions. Coaching uses challenges of the transition as an opportunity to update and align beliefs with core values. This program incorporates neuroscience in rewiring brain pathways. Effective change occurs when we are aware and in charge of thoughts and feelings. Either we learn to use the brain as a tool, or the brain runs our life. Life on Fire program has a strong emphasis on waking up; on building a life of integrity to personal values and beliefs.

Awake and Alive is a professional coaching program of a minimum of 6 months, with a focus on identifying values, strengths, and beliefs; and inserting them into strategies that support the individual in achieving their transition goals. Clients gain clarity, focus and direction; all necessary in taking right action. This is a basic, well-rounded coaching for those who want to get through a challenging life moment with awareness, and be okay in the process.

Couple Coaching    

Couples and Coach co-design a six-month program focused on the couple’s needs and goals, as they work through their relationship challenges. The couple will develop skills in effective communication, where partners feel seen and heard and mutual respect is prevalent.  Coaching recognizes conflict as a necessary component in thriving relationships, and gives couples the tools to dispel fear of conflict and dance with it. Couples find more happiness in the relationship as they collaborate and support each other.

Coaching Circles

Divorce Essentials Coaching Circle

Provides the basic and essential information needed to expand awareness on all aspects of divorce; and the strategies to best meet the likely challenges most divorcing people face. Topics for discussion include: children in divorce, how to prepare for a mediation or court, and what to look for when hiring an attorney. Emphasis is on skill building around such topics as communication, boundaries, healthy conflict, and negotiation.Divorce Essentials program is suited to persons who are thinking of divorce in the future, are in the process, or see their divorce in the rear view mirror. The skills gained in this program are life long skills to enhance your well-being and all relationships—work and personal.

These circles are limited to 8. They meet twice a month, by phone, for six-months.

Energy Vampires and the High Conflict Divorce Coaching Circle  

Is a six-month program for persons struggling to maintain their balance and perspective, while divorcing and/or co-parenting with a partner who has a mental health impact on the relationship. It is extraordinarily difficult when one partner suffers a mental health diagnosis such as: Narcissism, Borderline, Dependent, Schizophrenic, Passive Aggressive or other Personality Disorders. Equally challenging is figuring out how best to co-parent when one is chemically addicted.

How do you know if you need this circle? You see yourself in some, or all, of the following:

    • You no longer recognize your old self. Or your friends mention behaviors you used to have, such as carefree spirit and sense of humor.
    • You feel guilty, to blame or at fault when things ‘go wrong’.
    • You feel sucked dry.
    • You hear yourself saying, “I’m so tired.”
    • You are worn out trying to make everything right.
    • You cannot win and it’s always a competition.
    • You love your partner but do not like their behaviors.
    • You find yourself proving your position with evidence. You have to convince your partner and often are unsuccessful. Your partner’s perspective is generally the ‘right one’.
    • You excuse your partner’s behaviors and, when others do not buy the excuses, you avoid talking about him/her.
    • You’ve reset the ‘normal’ set point so much, you no longer are certain of the truth.
    • You feel unheard, invisible, disrespected, confused, embarrassed, powerless and perhaps even defensive for your partner.

This program offers support, empowerment, a much-needed outside perspective, a soft landing, a wealth of tools and strategies and the understanding from others walking the same path.

This program is for you if you want your life back!

My Life  -  Your Life  -   Our Life Together

This is a rich and creative program suited to single parents starting over post-divorce, looking for a new definition of ‘family’; and to couples and their children, as they face the myriad of challenges when blending two families.

Families meet with the coach for 2 hours twice monthly. Through creative and engaging exercises, and artistic expression, the heavy topics are addressed in lighter atmospheres where everyone is right and everyone contributes to sustain the well being of the new family system.

This program covers family roles and who fills them, every voice matters, fairness, sacred cows, such as: “You cannot discipline ‘my’ kids,” inequalities, and the antidotes to toxic relationship behaviors.

Our Life Coaching dovetails nicely with the Couple Coaching program, as well as the One – to – One programs. Custom pricing is available when participating in two or more programs simultaneously.

 Fourth Friday    

Fourth Friday is a free teleconference call held once a month as an overview of basic divorce information. It does not cover material to the same depth as covered in the Divorce Essentials program. It is open to all interested in learning more about the divorce process. Occasional calls will include guests from Family Law or from the financial field, answering your legal and financial questions.

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