My View on Counseling vs. Coaching

Counseling vs. Coaching: Which is Right for You?

When I wear my therapist hat, I see the person as wounded, fragmented or broken and in need of either healing or coping mechanisms. As a therapist, I see a patient and I look backward to see what occurred in the past to contribute to this situation.

In contrast, when I wear my coaching hat, I see a client who is naturally creative, whole and resourceful, fully capable of taking action and getting something of the life they want. Coaching starts with who they are right now and moves them forward, co-creating a plan that will get them to their goals. Coaching is empowering. As a coach, I lovingly hold client’s feet to the fire, so they get to where they said they wanted to be.

Here is a great resource from The Center for Right Relationship, of which I am a credentialed member (republished with permission), that further distinguishes the differences between counseling and coaching.
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