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High Conflict Relationships - Divorce

Suggestions that this might be you:

  • You suffer some or many of these: chronic exhaustion, confusion, fuzzy thinking, guilt, anxiety and fear
  • The world depends on you as a super responder to those in need; you are strong in compassion and empathy
  • You are troubled by self doubt, blaming your self frequently when things go wrong
  • You're masterful at walking on eggshells, anticipating your partner's criticism; and you often feel you 'never get it right'
  • Friends tell you you are not the person you used to be
  • You may have researched personality disorders and mental health issues, looking for clarity in your partner's confusing behaviors
  • You are sometimes, or frequently blindsided, manipulated and gaslighted

Universal to those in the role of Eggshell Walker, these beliefs and behaviors pair well with the needs and behaviors of Personality Disordered partners. The dynamic creates a foundation for ongoing High Conflict, made worse during divorce. Once aware of their blindspots contributing to the dynamic interplay, eggshell walkers learn to detach from the conflict, using my effective tools and strategies.

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